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Women safety while studying abroad


Studying abroad is often related with a lot of excitement, growth and the chance of exploring different cultures around the world.

But a new city, a new place always becomes a reason a worry especially for women and their safety. When women are travelling they have to be more cautious because no place in this world is 100% safe. The basic thumb rule of staying safe in a new place is that “if you won’t do it at your home, you shouldn’t do it here too”. The rest depends on your instinct and being aware of your surroundings.

Overseas Foreign education consultants in Nagpur provides you complete safety guidance while studying abroad. we provide you with awareness of your surroundings and safety measures to be taken in order to ensure a safe stay abroad.

Women often get a lot of unwanted attention from men and they do their best to fend them off. The best advice when travelling alone is to avoid unknown paths, alleys and streets that you making you feel unsafe. Even if you do, make sure you have someone accompanying you- someone you can trust in case of emergencies.

Do your research

Before moving abroad for your studies, learn about which routes to take, which can be avoided and the ones you must never take. Be alert at every step of your path, if you feel that somebody is following you or you are at a risk, call someone and update them with every move.

Female study abroad students must also research about the destination’s cultural norms and religious customs (if any). Check if there is any restriction to the kind of clothes you can wear and which ones are accepted. This is also applicable to the social behaviour of the place- what is usually accepted in your home might not be accepted in your study abroad destination. Learn their gestures, their habits and specially those which are very peculiar. You don’t want to send any wrong signals and make the men feel that you are inviting them or open to approaches.

Understand what the women use to keep themselves safe- the tricks and tips and talk to a local resident for more insight.

You can get all the information regarding safety from your Foreign Education Consultants.



Acceptance of cultures

Women studying abroad should be open to new cultures and new experience but not the cost of their danger. If you feel that avoidance is helping you fend off strangers, deal with them firmly but pleasantly. Because many-a-times a “no” can also be thought of as a chance to be more persuasive and it might turn into harassment. Be direct and blunt in telling people to stop bothering you.

Don’t put also your cash and cards in a single place. Keep them separate and in places which might not look suspicious to thieves and pickpockets. Keep a photocopy of your important documents and identifications.

Other safety advises for women studying abroad

In case you plan to go for international study abroad, it will be a combination of good quality of education, expanding employment prospects and widened mindset. Want to get a clear vision, choose the Best Study Abroad Consultancy and grab hold of all the information.

If you like exploring and carrying a map helps you, carry a smaller size of the map to be inconspicuous for thefts. And if you still need to ask directions, approaching women and families is the safest trick. If your study abroad destination has economic disparities, refrain from showcasing your jewellery as it may invite unwanted attention.

Whenever and wherever possible, try not to leave your house or dorms alone at night; have a trusted make accompany you even if you go out in the evenings.

This tips and advices will only make a woman’s study abroad plans easier and happier. You don’t want to have miserable memories of your time at the destination.

Women planning to study abroad enjoy the idea of liberty. The freedom to do whatever one feels like doing, the ability to enjoy the nightlife of a city and many more. But in this whole process women often forget or ignore the risk she faces in a new place.

All this information can be guided to you by your Abroad Education Consultants.

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