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USA: The Most Popular Destination to Study Overseas

United States has the world’s largest international student population with more and more students choosing to complete their graduate and post-graduate education in the USA. Attending universities abroad, away from your home country is not only a choice but also a completely different life experience altogether. The US institutes and universities are widely renowned among students from across the globe, making it the most popular destination to study overseas. With its diverse scholarship programs and universities to choose from, along with its various extracurricular activities, students from all corners of the world come to study in USA every year.

USA offers the best league schools and universities, broad range of programs including flexible classes and innovative subject options. With plenty of amazing choices, it is natural to get overwhelmed by the whole process of choosing the right fit.  Overseas Mentors are overseas education consultants in Nagpur, a pioneer in abroad education to guide you through your overseas education journey. With step-by-step mentoring and thorough assistance, you can choose the program that best suits you to study abroad in USA.

The US Higher Education System:

The USA has four major categories of degrees available, the associate’s degree, the bachelor’s degree, the master’s degree and the doctorate. All these degrees vary in field of study and length of time. Pre-requisites like school diploma or some entrance exams like SAT, GRE or GMAT are a must before one can enter any of these programs. Some non-native English speakers might also require clearing the English language tests such as TOEFL or IELTS.


Some of the perks of studying in the US:

  1. World Class Learning:

With best universities of the world like Stanford, Harvard, Yale, Cornell, UC Berkley and many more US offers high quality of education that automatically attracts the best in class employers.

  1. Flexible Programs:

In the USA school system, students are allowed to choose classes as per their convenience. As most colleges accommodate working students, they offer flexible programs letting the student to choose the timings to attend classes and the number of classes to enroll in.

  1. Culture and Lifestyle:

America is a melting pot of cultural diversity as students from all parts of the world come here for higher education. Most Americans are hospitable and very kind towards everyone. Attending a US university and living the campus life is the best way of interacting with other students and learning about various cultures and traditions. Making friends and having bonds for a lifetime is priceless.

  1. Explore new Interests:

There are plenty of sport clubs and sororities in all university campuses. Make sure you join a club of your liking to better understand their college culture and un-discover your own talents.

  1. Career Opportunities:

As most American universities are accredited, obtaining a degree from these universities will attract employers all over the world. You will gain the skills and knowledge to enter your desired profession easily. Even if you are not sure of the profession you wish to pursue, the various student services in universities guide you to explore various options and make the right choice.


VISA Process:

If you are an international student aspiring to study abroad you will require a student visa to study in the U.S. Students from India need the F-1 Visa in United States. To obtain the American student visa, you need to submit the online visa application (DS-160) by paying the appropriate visa fee and schedule appointments to give your biometrics and interview. Overseas Mentors, Abroad Education Consultants in Nagpur to Study in USA will guide you through all the steps needed for your visa application.

Studying in the US is an enriching experience that will give you new perspective of the world, enhancing your communication and critical thinking skills. Being on your own in a foreign country brings a greater sense of discipline and responsibility that instills a sense of accomplishment as well as confidence in you. Consult Overseas Mentors, Abroad Education Consultants in Nagpur to Study in USA.

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