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Value Added Services

Overseas Mentors offers a range of Value-Added Services in order to enhance the journey of its and foster convenience at the doorstep of its students. From pre-departure orientation to accommodation booking, our team is dedicated to providing the best overall experience and ease the time-consuming procedures associated with preparing for studies.

Travel and Medical Insurance to Study Overseas for Higher education - Overseas Mentors Nagpur

Travel & Medical Insurance:

Students are often required to be covered under insurance before departure. Each country has specific regulation with regards to travel and medical insurance for international students. Our team works with leading public and private health service providers to provide you hassle free service.

Foreign Exchange and Remittance for Students who wish to Study Overseas - Overseas Mentors Nagpur

Foreign Exchange & Remittance:

We work with leading forex service providers to offer students competitive exchange rates for different instruments. Our experience indicates students and parents favor FOREX cards over Travelers Cheques or large sums of cash.

Discounted Rate Airplane Tickets for Overseas Mentors Students who want to study Abroad


We work with reputed travel agents to provide you tickets at discounted rates and customized plans for group travel.

Accommodation Service for Overseas Mentors Students who travel to Study Abroad


Finding a home to live abroad is not an easy task. Most parents are concerned about their children’s safety in an international country. Our team provides information about student accommodation, both on campus and private and help you finalize the best accommodation within a specified budget.

Calling Services for students who are studying Overseas - Overseas Mentors Nagpur

Telecom Services:

We offer affordable and efficient solutions for both arrival and post-arrival. We work with our partners who provide SIM Cards and Prepaid Calling Cards at reasonable rates for students.

We offer Visa service and Pre-departure Orientation for students who are travelling to Study Abroad - Overseas Mentors Nagpur

Pre-Departure Orientation:

Our Team organizes pre-departure twice a year for students across our network. The goal of the session is to prepare a student effectively for the environment he/she will be exposed to when attending university overseas. The session is highly interactive event where our team collaborates to share inputs that are rather qualitative in nature and based on real experiences extracted from our Directors business and personal exposure overseas.

We brief students about useful information such as forex, insurance and medical services, food & accommodation, transportation, bank account opening, safety tips for students to smoothen their adaptation at an overseas university. During the session, parents can discuss their anxieties first hand with our experienced team that include our directors Mr Hitesh Dewani & Mr Hitesh Sachani. Students also get an opportunity to network with fellow students going to the same country & university over high tea.

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