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Ways to earn money while studying abroad

We agree, every service comes with a price. Nothing ever comes for free, especially when you are planning to study abroad. But that should not deter your plans of studying abroad. We, Overseas Mentors, are one of most successful study abroad education consultants in Nagpur. This exposure has helped us come across students who are willing to pursue their education abroad but are reluctant as they do not know what opportunities of generating money to sustain during the term there are available while studying abroad.

We have compiled a few ways in which you can earn some extra money for those daily expenses.

  • A part-time job

There would be a lot of part-time jobs available in and around your university. But be prepared to learn the local language for the basic gestures. It is okay, with time you will find the communication easier.

Ask your classmates for possible vacancies or help you find similar jobs. Make sure you check the number of hours you are allowed to work every week and also the minimum wages if studying and working in Europe. Don’t choose jobs that will make you question your priorities, remember your purpose and plan accordingly.

  • Tutor other students

Every student has his own set of weaknesses and strengths in subjects. Understand which are your strengths and help tutor your classmates and juniors in the same. It is possible that there would be subject(s) and topics that you have already studied. Use this knowledge to tutor other students.

  • Become a freelancer

If working for a fixed hour’s job is not your thing, trying exploring opportunities in freelancing. The best part about freelancing is the flexibility of working hours. Create your schedule as per your studies. Right from graphic designing to designing projects, choose opportunities that will help you build a great resume as well!

But before starting out yourself, get acquainted with the laws of the country, check if there are any do’s and don’ts giving in your student visa.

  • Babysitting

Babysitting is an easy way earning some good money. Generally paid on an hourly basis, it is a good way of earning some quick money. You might even get to eat some free food on the side! (One of the perks of babysitting)

  • Do some dog walking

Do you love or like dogs? Imagine getting paid to walk some adorable dogs! We don’t think it can get any better than this. Though it may not pay as well as other jobs but it will also help you explore the city and exercise at the same time!

  • Sell old stuff online

Every year, there would be some old stuff in your wardrobe or in your bookshelf that you don’t need or use anymore. Instead of letting it clutter your space, sell it online and earn some quick money out of it.

With these tips, you will be able to earn some money that will at least help you incur your daily expenses if not the whole education. So go ahead! Have some fun while working and explore your new destination!

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