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Apply to your dream university with DUOLINGO ENGLISH TEST


Great news for all the students who are willing to study abroad. An online test that can be taken from your own convenience and from your own personal computer like other tests that examines your READING, LISTENING, SPEAKING and WRITING skills. Yes the DUOLINGO ENGLISH TEST. This exam tests your proficiency in relatively lesser time and by answering less number of questions. It has its own way of scoring the ability of the student. This unique way of testing the ability makes this test of 1 Hour only and ends up costing a lesser amount than the other language tests. This test gives the result in 48 hours and costs you only $49 which is really very beneficial for the student to apply in the universities if he or she has application timelines running.

Duolingo is considered to be better option as it is not the same as the other traditional language exams. The test format is also a little different and easier for the student to understand and appear. The exam is the blend of all types of questions together which makes it exciting for the students to wait for the next question. It is not necessary that the questions will come in sequence so you really have to be on your toes and be ready to change the gear at any moment to speed up yourself.

The Duolingo English Test is designed in such a way that it examines the overall ability of the student without giving long passages to read and difficult audios to listen. It evaluates the English skills in a pretty short time and in an easier format.

The Test Format includes questions like:

  • Listening to the question and answer in 1 word
  • Describing an Image in a minute
  • Record a sentence that you read
  • Retype A sentence that you hear
  • Write and answer to a question asked
  • Speak on a topic for 1-3 minutes

The evaluation procedure is considered to be efficient enough so almost half of the American universities along with Canada, Australia, Germany, Ireland and UK are accepting the Duolingo English Test.

The test preparation can be a little difficult task as it tests your natural ability of voice intonations, the way of analyzing and describing a picture and also the presence of mind in answering the question quickly.

Requirement of the test

  • A Personal Computer or Laptop
  • Government ID proof
  • Good Internet Connection
  • Front Camera
  • A microphone
  • A Speaker

Even though the test is taken at home, there are certain strict rules that have to be followed by each aspirant appearing or the exam.

  • Take the test alone in the room
  • Navigation from the test window will not be allowed
  • Read the instructions before the test properly
  • The front camera has to be kept on with the recording mode on.
  • The score will be between 10-160 divided into sections
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